Transforming Prymacare Tourismo's Digital Presence with Arise Consultancy Services

    02 Jan, 2021



Client Overview

Brand Name: Prymacare Tourismo

Legal Name: Prymacare Tourismo Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Medical Tourism

Service Provider: Arise Consultancy Services (ACS)

### Background

Prymacare Tourismo specializes in medical tourism, partnering with top multi-speciality hospitals and specialist doctors in India. They cater primarily to patients from African countries and parts of Southern Europe. Their business relies heavily on providing comprehensive information about hospitals and doctors to potential clients.

Previously, Prymacare Tourismo had a rudimentary digital presence. Initially, they had a WordPress website that was compromised due to security issues. A subsequent PHP-based static website was developed, but it failed to meet their needs, being slow and unresponsive, particularly in regions with limited internet connectivity.

### Challenge

Prymacare Tourismo needed a robust, dynamic, and secure digital platform that could:

1. Display detailed information about partner hospitals and doctors.

2. Operate efficiently even with low internet speeds.

3. Provide an intuitive user experience for potential clients from diverse regions.

4. Facilitate direct leads and appointment bookings through an interactive interface.

### Solution

Upon encountering ACS, Prymacare Tourismo engaged with CEO Mr. Adarsh Jadhav, who conducted a thorough assessment of their business needs. He proposed a comprehensive solution involving a full-fledged website built using Laravel technology, known for its efficiency, security, and feature-rich capabilities.

### Implementation

Features and Developments:

1. Dynamic and Responsive Website: A full-fledged website was developed using Laravel, ensuring fast load times and high responsiveness, crucial for users in regions with lower internet speeds.

2. Admin Dashboard: An advanced admin dashboard was integrated, enabling Prymacare Tourismo to manage content efficiently.

3. SEO-Rich Blog Module: An SEO-optimized blog module was added to enhance online visibility and engagement.

4. Hospital and Doctor Listings: Dedicated pages for hospitals and doctors were created, showcasing detailed information, images, and features, facilitating better decision-making for potential clients.

5. Appointment Forms with Captcha: Secure forms for appointment bookings were implemented, including Captcha for spam prevention, improving lead generation and user interaction.

### Outcome

The new website, [](, went live and has been well-received by the Prymacare Tourismo team. Key benefits realized include:

- Increased Speed and Efficiency: The website loads quickly and operates smoothly, even in areas with slower internet.

- Enhanced User Experience: Detailed information and easy navigation have improved user engagement and satisfaction.

- Improved Lead Generation: The appointment forms have streamlined the process of obtaining direct leads and bookings.

- SEO Benefits: The blog module has started attracting more organic traffic, boosting their online presence.

### Client Testimonial

Mr. Robin, CEO of Prymacare Tourismo, expressed his satisfaction: "We are delighted with the work done by Arise Consultancy Services. Their understanding of our needs and commitment to quality has transformed our digital presence. We look forward to collaborating on future projects."

### Conclusion

Arise Consultancy Services successfully delivered a tailored digital solution for Prymacare Tourismo, addressing their unique needs and setting a foundation for future growth. This case highlights ACS's expertise in creating efficient, secure, and user-centric IT solutions that drive business success.

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