Elevating Rang Marathi - A Journey of Digital Brand Transformation

    01 Jan, 2021



Client: Rang Marathi

Business Category: Music Record Label

Service Provider: ACS Insights

Main Service: Digital Brand Building


Rang Marathi, a budding music record label, embarked on its journey in 2021 with a focus on creating authentic Marathi lokgeet content. They collaborated with local artists and various contributors to bring the rich cultural heritage of Marathi folk songs to a wider audience. Despite their creative efforts and dedication, Rang Marathi struggled to gain traction and visibility on YouTube, their primary platform for content distribution. Seeking professional guidance, they approached ACS Insights for comprehensive business consultancy services.


Rang Marathi faced several challenges typical of new entrants in the digital music industry:

- Limited online presence and visibility.

- Ineffective branding and marketing strategies.

- Low engagement and reach on digital platforms.

- Inadequate revenue generation from their content.


ACS Insights provided Rang Marathi with a tailored digital brand building strategy, addressing their unique needs and challenges as a new music record label. The holistic approach included:

1. Operations Consulting:

- Streamlined their content creation processes to ensure consistent quality and timely releases.

- Advised on efficient collaboration techniques with artists and contributors to enhance productivity.

2. Branding Strategy:

- Developed a distinct brand identity that resonated with their target audience, emphasizing the authenticity and cultural richness of Marathi lokgeet.

- Created engaging visual elements and cohesive branding across all digital platforms.

3. Content Distribution:

- Expanded their content distribution channels beyond YouTube to include Facebook and various audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Gaana.

- Implemented effective metadata management to improve searchability and discoverability of their content.

4. Digital Marketing:

- Devised and executed targeted digital marketing campaigns to increase audience engagement and reach.

- Utilized social media advertising, influencer collaborations, and community engagement to boost visibility and interaction.

5. Revenue Generation:

- Set up monetization strategies on YouTube, Facebook, and other audio streaming platforms.

- Provided insights into optimizing ad placements, subscription models, and merchandise sales to create multiple revenue streams.


With the comprehensive support and strategic guidance from ACS Insights, Rang Marathi experienced remarkable growth and success:

- Increased Visibility: The enhanced branding and effective marketing campaigns resulted in a significant increase in their online presence.

- Higher Engagement: Their content started to attract more viewers, leading to millions of views across platforms.

- *Revenue Growth:* The monetization strategies implemented by ACS Insights enabled Rang Marathi to generate a steady stream of revenue from YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming services.

- Competitive Edge: The distinct branding and efficient operations helped Rang Marathi stand out in the competitive music industry, establishing them as a prominent player in the Marathi lokgeet segment.


Rang Marathi's transformation from a struggling startup to a successful music record label exemplifies the impact of strategic digital brand building. ACS Insights' expertise in operations, branding, distribution, and marketing provided Rang Marathi with the tools and insights needed to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Today, Rang Marathi continues to thrive, sharing the rich cultural heritage of Marathi lokgeet with a global audience and achieving sustainable growth in the digital realm.